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Williamsburg Music Center


367 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
ph. 718-384-1654
em. wmcgerry@gmail.com


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Date Event Time / Price
Mar22Thu Danae Greenfield 9:00 PM
Mar22Thu Daniele Germani 22:30:00
Mar23Fri Gerry Eastman Jam Session 10:00 pm
Mar24Sat Lisanne Tremblay & codeswitch: Jam session 22:00:00
Mar25Sun Melanie Scholtz 9:00 PM
Mar25Sun Rachel Therrien 22:30:00
Mar29Thu John Melendez 9:00 PM

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Williamsburg Music Center

The WMC has had a dynamic presence in the historic Williamsburg section of Brooklyn for over twenty years, delighting local audiences with the best in live jazz performance, and providing quality music instruction for people of all ages.

Founded in 1981 by musician and composer, Gerry Eastman, the Williamsburg Music Center exists to foster the creation, performance, and appreciation of American classical music. It is Brooklyn's only black-owned and operated, non-profit, jazz institution, and the only one in New York City to offer classes and workshops in jazz history and performance.

Gerry Eastman has emerged as a prominent musician on the New York scene, with work as a performer, composer, producer, arranger, conductor, and band leader to his credit

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Directions: Take the L train to Bedford and walk south to South 5th Street

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