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Jazz 966


966 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
ph. 718-638-6910

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Since its inception, jazz has had numerous cities it could call home. From New Orleans to New York City the music intertwines within each city and its people to create a diverse and rich cultural history. Brooklyn is one such area that boasts an impressive list of innovators and shapers and continues to be a place where the music is being encouraged while, at the same time, remembered. Jazz 966, aptly located on 966 Fulton Street, is a club that has, since November 1990, endeavored to remember that rich history and at the same time provide an affordable outlet for the music of today. Aspiring to counter the growing expenses associated with modern jazz clubs, Jazz 966 attempts to be one of the few places left in Brooklyn where quality jazz can still be heard without emptying your wallet.

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