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376 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
ph. 718-965-9177
em. info@barbesbrooklyn.com


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7:00 pm
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Trombonist Mike Fahn is looking for more light so that he and his band can read their music. The back room at Barbes is not dark per se, but it is lit in a way that would be called quiet were it sound. Fahn is not on stage, because the tiny, round stage is only big enough for Chris Roselli's drum set. Instead, he is feeling his way around the room, looking sheepishly unprepared as Tom Guarna sets up his music stand light.

Performances at Barbes are very do-it-yourself, and so Fahn seems to be in a real bind. Soon, of course, someone points out that there is another light on the wall, one that is pretty centrally located, too. The light, like each of the others in the room, is a bare bulb surrounded by an old record. Red walls and a red ceiling swallow the light whole once he has turned it on, and even with Fahn's new find, it still is not a bright room.

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